The Martial Path

This blog series aims to go into detail on the training practices and the driving philosophies with the Order of the Blade.

Training within the Order encompasses many different weapons and systems, with the backing of the Primus Syllabus to keep it all together and allow for effective training to take place between them all. These articles will aim to discuss some of method behind the madness, as well as provide greater context to the lessons provided by the Order.

These articles do not need you to be familiar with our practice, and are written to be of benefit and interest to anyone training in weapon combat arts.

Richard Hughes


Handling adverse outcomes in combat.

Anyone who has taken part in any form of competitive practice, or been involved in any sort of planning scenario, knows a simple truth.

“The first casualty in combat is the plan”

This phrase has taken many forms, depending on the scenario, however, it holds as an axiom that is often brought out when plans fail as they are implemented. Engaging in combat is one such scenario. Whether in training or competition, you will find yourself against someone who is not only trying to put their plan into play, but also trying to counter your methods, often at the same time and within the same action if they can manage it.

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Richard Hughes


The Orders’ approach to training.
For anyone with any amount of experience in the martial arts, you will be no doubt introduced to the ‘culture’ of your particular environment and the way in which that group trains. Reality is, there are numerous ways in which groups train and there is no perfect solution to all cases. If there was such a thing, someone would have found it by now and it would have become the standard approach. Each group and even each session within the groups will have different training objectives to guide their training.

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