Historical Fencing

Age 16+

Within the practice of Historical Martial Combat, your skill with melee weapons is of vital consideration. For this, we employ the practice of Historical Fencing, the practice of fighting with weapons from history. Where Historical European Martial Arts (HEMA) banks its practice on historical manuscripts from the European sphere, the Orders approach is to train you to understand weapons in your own capacity and field of interest, be that European, Eastern or other weapon system that you find interesting.

The Primus Syllabus gets you competent in the practice of swordplay with and against multiple weapons, when you find a favoured weapon system, then we fully recommend a dive into the history of those weapons and the historic manuals that demonstrate the use of such weapons. Our instructors will help you with technique interpretation, using the core syllabus as a basis, tailoring the techniques to your needs.

Within the Order, we participate in mixed-weapons sparring as the norm. Sabres will face Longswords. Rapiers will meet Sword and Board. Daggers will feature in many bouts and used as a weapon of last resort. Mastery of your weapons of choice will mean you are able to face off against all commers and challenge them accordingly.

Training Fees

Pay weekly or subscribe and save

Training sessions at our Chapters run for 2 hours and are delivered by instructors trained to deliver the Primus Syllabus, and to help you develop your skills.

Session price: £15


If you are looking to train frequently with the Order, you may wish to subscribe to the Chapter Training. This offers a significant reduction in cost for your training and you can transfer your subscription between Chapters if you need to move your training times or location. Available to members. Speak to us at a session to sign up.

single chapter

Access to a single weekly training session at any chapter

Double chapter

Access to two weekly training sessions at any chapter


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