Standards and Conduct

Inclusion Policy, Approach to Training, & Safeguarding in Martial Arts

Please take a look at the sections below to learn more about the standards and conduct we uphold at The Order of the Blade.

Inclusion Policy

At the Order of the Blade, we do not discriminate and make every effort to be both accommodating and welcoming to both current and prospective members. We will not disallow membership based on race, religion, creed, sexuality or any other form of identification, personal, medical or otherwise. 

There are only two instances in which we may prevent training with us. The first is a medical concern if you are unable to safely take part in training without undue risk to either yourself or another person. The second is if you are under a ban of suspension of training. 

We operate a zero-tolerance policy towards discrimination and any infringement will be dealt with directly. This applies to all attending our events, whether training or visiting. 

If you have any concerns, please speak in confidence to an instructor or contact the Order directly and we will handle the issue in confidence. 

Approach to Training

The Order hosts competitive training, and as such, engages actively in a dangerous environment that carries significant risks to those taking part. While every effort is made to safeguard our members in terms of equipment, a large part of the safety comes directly from those who are partaking in the training.

As such, we hold members to a higher personal standard and expect them to act with respect and care for others in the room. We foster a healthy competitive environment and will take steps to ensure that the environment remains healthy.

Those found to be operating contrary to this intent will be approached by staff to correct their training approaches accordingly.

Please refer to the blog post “Selfish Altruism” (here) to get a detailed breakdown on this approach to training.

Safeguarding in Martial Arts

The Order is working alongside BMABA to ensure we operate to the highest standards with respect to safeguarding. All protocols are made along the guidelines outlined by the BMABA, who work in conjunction with Sport England and other organisations to stay up to date with their advice and guidance.

The Order is pursuing recognition on the BMABA “Club Colours” scheme to highlight our commitment to the safeguarding of our members.

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