your insurance cover

We work closely with the BMABA to offer comprehensive memberships (insurance cover) for all of the activities provided by and associated with The Order of the Blade. See below for details.

Membership Options

Be insured through the bmaba to train with us

The Order covers the cost of your insurance for your first 4 sessions to help you get a feel for it, and if you decide it’s for you, we can then offer you a membership (insurance) which will insure you for future training sessions. Pay monthly, or annually. If you’re interested in a membership, speak to your chapter instructor to get signed up.

Monthly membership

£6.25 per month

Annual Membership

£75 per year

Member Benefits

British Martial Arts and Boxing Association (BMABA)

We work closely with the prestigious British Martial Arts and Boxing Association (BMABA) to ensure that our training an practices meet with the highest standards. We insure all of our members, both Full and Affiliate, through the BMABA and utilise their systems to ensure that all data and detail is handled by their team of professionals. Click here to see the range of services they offer to martial arts groups.


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