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Instructors with the Order are trained to deliver the core material of the Primus Syllabus at Chapter sessions, but also specialists of their own fields of interest. All of our instructors are trained to analyse the technique and performance of each member and consider the application of each action in combat, layering in the intent of the student and giving appropriate advice.


Richard Hughes

Battlefield and Great-Weapon Specialist

Richard founded the Order of the Blade and created the primary syllabus of instruction for the Chapter, thus his work is focused on the teaching of core fundamentals and overseeing the team of instructors at each Chapter, and aiding them in developmental projects.

His personal specialty lies in the Battlefield practice of Historical Combat, developing both the individual practices and the tactics for skirmish and formation fighting. While capable with many of the weapons seen within the Order, his preference is for greatswords and polearms, particularly the Naginata.

Richard draws from many martial traditions and lineages in his training and seeks to elevate the study of martial arts within the Order by pioneering methods of training that allows for each person studying and training to achieve their best and in a way that suits them.


Fred Hopkins

Sword and Shield Specialist

Freds’ interest in Historic Combat has been ever-present ever since his early fascination with the Arthurian legends and through his years of training in various groups, found his home in the Order.

Fred developed and early interest in the practice of Sword and Shield, which quickly became his main field of study and training within the Order. He has a preference for the strapped variety of shields, known as ‘Heaters’, and has developed a devastatingly effective method with them, allowing for a greater range of styles and techniques to be brought to bear in combat.

Fred has since refined his chosen study and has developed a working practice he teaches both in Chapter sessions and at external events.


Rob Newton

Axe and Viking Weapons Specialist

Rob’s approach to weapons linked with the Viking era has allowed him to develop a direct and effective approach to combat with them. Axes, Dual Axes, Round Shields, Dane Axes, all of them get to see play under Robs tutelage.

Joining the Order and initially working the Longsword, he quickly took to training and developing his particular approach to combat, a patient but no less formidable approach, which lends itself perfectly to his choice of weapons.

Rob has applied his study of the Viking weapons against all manner of typical weapons found within Historical Fencing and has demonstrated their effectiveness, both within Chapter training, and against other schools of training.

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