Historical Martial Combat

What We Teach

At the Order of the Blade, we help you find your martial passion and develop your skills with that interest and focus. We can help you train regardless of interest, be that cultural, historical, weapon specific or a general interest in combat. The Order does this by teaching through our approach, known as Historical Martial Combat. 

Similar to Historical Fencing in its practice, the training uses much of the same equipment and rulesets in competition, however is taught from a principle and tactical basis of training, rather than explicitly relying on historical sources. Many of our members use methods similar to those found within Historical European Martial Arts, also known as HEMA, as a result of their interest in a particular weapon or era.

Primus Syllabus

In order to teach the core fundamentals to combat, the Order uses the Primus Syllabus, a system purpose built to teach all members how to handle weapons in a confident manner and achieved their first successes in combat. It also serves as the basis for training as you develop your skills, either through study under different instructors, study of manuals that interest you, or through competition within the Chapters or at sparring days, such as the Musters.

The Primus Syllabus is designed to teach those who have never held a weapon to take their first steps, but also allow for those with experience with other armed and unarmed arts to integrate their understanding into the arts of swordplay. 


Find your martial passion

Within the Order, we firmly believe that enjoyment of training comes from exploring what weapons make you happy. Thus, we do not try to limit your weapon options, but instead encourage you to get hold of a variety of weapons and try them out! Our “Sword and Board” training was borne out of such exploration, and we develop our skills further when we enjoy the weapons we are wielding. 

As such, the Order fully advocates each member to find their weapons of interest and bring them into training. Swords. Spears. Axes. Shields. Halberds. Glaives. Daggers. Even your own hands. Find and develop your own martial passion with us!

Come Along

Try out the Order – no membership needed! Sign up for your first session for just £7.50 with our introductory offer! Simply choose a chapter and come along to a training session. You don’t need any equipment; just bring yourself and wear comfortable clothing. Come and give it a go!

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