Midlands Muster XXI

The Order of the Blade invites you to join the twenty first muster. Event details to be announced.

Date and Time

Sat, 9 Nov 2024 12:00 - 17:00 GMT

About this event

5 hours

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Five Hours of Open Sparring!

The day is an open hall for all fencers to partake in open practice against other fencers in the room, get your fights in and compete against your friends. Or, even better, make new friends and then fight them!

Instructor seminars and team games will feature within the day, but if these do not interest you, there will be room to continue sparring in the hall.

Guest Instructor – Details to be announced


Admin Bits

The day is open to all those who have valid insurance for the practice of Historical Fencing. Please be prepared to present evidence of such if asked by a member of staff. Those who do not have insurance will be required to purchase it through the Order for the day, for a £5 surcharge.

After Party

A fter the day of sparring, we will be heading up the road to a pub called the Boat Inn, address below. There we will swap exploits of the day and grab some food and drinks before the drive home!

Boat Inn, 31 Shilton Ln, Coventry CV2 2AB

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Moat House Leisure & Neighbourhood Centre, Winston Avenue Coventry, CV2 1EA


  • 12:00 - 12:20
    Introductions and Briefings
    Arrivals and kit-drops. Gather in at the Admin Desk for a group briefing, covering all elements safety and expected conduct. First aiders will be pointed out as well as actions on.
  • 13:30 - 14:15
    Instructor Seminar - Guest Instructor – Emilia Skirmuntt
    Emilia will be presenting a seminar studying the practice of dealing with a dagger attack while unarmed. These will be techniques drawn from the works of Fiore and will be delving into applications considering both unarmoured and armoured opponents. Those participating will require gloves, forearm guards and a training dagger. Mask and gorget are optional. Emilia has trained how to hit people with swords and other objects since 2003. During that time she has studied multiple weapons, systems, and in multiple different clubs, starting in Poland and then moving to London and Oxford. She has won medals in both women as well as open competitions both in the UK and abroad, fighting with longsword, rapier, rapier and dagger, saber, sidesword, and sidesword and buckler. She was also voted best technical fencer of By the Sword 2019. Emilia travelled around Europe leading workshops and seminars and was one of the representatives for the UK and Ireland HEMA team in the European Games taking place in Minsk in 2019. She is a member of the organising committees for the Wessex League, and Albion Cup, the biggest international competition in the UK. She also organised the English Sidesword Open In Oxford in 2018. Currently she is the head instructor for the Oxford Chapter of The School of the Sword. She teaches Italian longsword, dagger, rapier, sidesword, unarmed, and tomahawk techniques.
  • 14:20
    Group Photo
    Gather up for the big group photo and a chance to snag extra photos with your clubmates!
  • 16:15 - 17:00
    Combat Games
    A hour of combat scenarios and games to test your skills in larger melees. Large scale scraps, scenario games and challenges to enjoy.
  • 17:00
    After Party Social
    Once you have cleaned down, we will be heading to the local pub, the Boat Inn, for a drink and meal and swap exploits of the day!
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