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Instructors with the Order are trained to deliver the core material of the Primus Syllabus at Chapter sessions, but also specialists of their own fields of interest. All of our instructors are trained to analyse the technique and performance of each member and consider the application of each action in combat, layering in the intent of the student and giving appropriate advice.


Richard Hughes

Battlefield and Great-Weapon Specialist

Richard has been training in martial arts for two decades and has studied many aspects of combat, but hes love of weapon arts lead him to develop the Order and its core syllabus to further the practice of armed combat training. His specialty is the study of battlefield tactics and techniques applicable to that unique situation.

He frequently engages in outnumbered fights to test his skillsets. In a similar vein, his ideal weapons are the greatsword and the Japanese glaive, the Naginata, weapons he uses to great effect within the unit combat he specialises in.

Richard has geared his teaching towards each student getting the best out of their weapons of choice. Every weapon has its place on the battlefield, Richard prides himself on figuring out where that is and to train the student to read the battlefield, rather than just the skills with a weapon.


Fred Hopkins

Sword and Shield Specialist

Freds’ interest in Historic Combat has been an ever present fascination, ever since his initial dives into the Arthurian legends and through his year diving into different groups, found his home in the Order.

Fred has since developed a specialisation of Sword and Shield use, particularly focusing on the strapped variety of ‘heater shields’, which is devastatingly effective and allows for a greater range of combative styles than the weapon set may initially suggest.

Fred trains alongside Rob frequently to push this style further and bring people in to effective sword and board play.


Rob Newton

Axe and Viking Weapons Specialist

Rob’s approach to weapons linked with the Viking era has allowed him to develop a direct and effective approach to combat with them. Axes, Dual Axes, Round Shields, Dane Axes, all of them get to see play under Robs approach.


Joining the Order at the same time as Fred, he quickly took to training and developing his particular approach to combat, a patient but no less formidable approach, which lends itself perfectly to his choice of weapons.


Rob teaches and trains alongside Fred at the Leicester and Loughborough Chapters, providing his experience to the members in those chapters.

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