Historical Fencing

Age 16+

Using a tailored method of instruction, known as the Primus Syllabus, the Order teaches the practice of using weapons from history in a high-contact environment. The Primus offers you a solid grounding upon which you can devote your study to weapons or periods of interest to you.

This practice is geared towards working with other Historical Fencing, or HEMA, schools around the UK and places you to compete in tournament. We offer a mixed weapon environment for you to get the most out of your favoured weapons and styles, with our instructors working with you to develop and home your skills further.

Training Fees

Pay weekly or subscribe and save

Training sessions at our Chapters run for 2 hours and are delivered by instructors trained to deliver the Primus Syllabus, and to help you develop your skills.

Session price: £15


If you are looking to train frequently with the Order, you may wish to subscribe to the Chapter Training. This offers a significant reduction in cost for your training and you can transfer your subscription between Chapters if you need to move your training times or location. Available to members. Speak to us at a session to sign up.

single chapter

Access to a single weekly training session at any chapter

Double chapter

Access to two weekly training sessions at any chapter


Come and give it a go

*Web-exclusive introductory offer. Price valid when booked online for first session only.

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