Training Fees

The cost of our sessions

Training fees vary depending on the type of training you want to do. Below is an overview of the various training fees, and you can click through to read about each training type and their fees in more detail.

Historical Fencing

Introductory Offer

Pay Online
£ 7.50 First session only
  • Web exclusive taster session price
  • 2 hour session

Regular Single Session

Pay online/on the day
£ 15 per session
  • Regular session price
  • 2 hour session

Single Chapter

Pay monthly
£ 50 per month
  • Access to a single weekly training session at any chapter
  • 2 hour sessions

Double Chapter

Pay monthly
£ 90 per month
  • Access to TWO weekly training sessions at any chapters
  • 2 hour sessions
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