Rallying Call V

This training event is specifically aimed at the training and development of the Order of the Blade's group combat drills and tactics.

Date and Time

Sat, 19 Oct 2024 12:00 - 17:00 GMT

About this event

5 hours

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The Rallying Call event is a focused training event on the practices involved in battlefield and skirmish combat. This will build upon lessons learned within the Primus Syllabus and expand them into a working battlefield practice.

The martial skills of a battlefield situation, whether in a small unit skirmish, or a line formation, will require a dedicated study and practice. This will cover both the individual actions that are needed to contribute to a group combat scenario, the actions of a group as a whole, and the introduction of archery and ranged combat to the scenario.

As such, this event will be split into three components, melee training, ranged training, and scenario plays. Attendees are welcome to train in both elements and practice whichever element is of interest to them and their training.

Richard Hughes, Fred Hopkins and Rob Newton


Kit Requirements – Melee

Expected kit for those engaged in the practice of the Melee training and scenarios are in line with the
requirement for Steel Competitive practice, and are as follows;

Regulations and Requirements by Area

  • Head
    • FIE 1600N Fencing Mask
    • Back of Head Protection or Mask Overlay
  • Neck
    • Gorget with a Rigid Plate covering the front of the Throat
  • Torso
    • Minimum 350N Padded Jacket with a Blade Catcher
    • Plastron/Chest Protector
  • Arms
    • Solid Elbow Protection
    • Forearm Guards
  • Hands
    • Gloves with Integrated Plates for Closed-hilt Weapons*
      – Thokk Weaponmasters or equivalent
    • Clamshells for Open-hilt Weapons**
      – SPES Heavies or equivalent
    • Metal Gauntlets not allowed
  • Groin
    • Solid Protection required for men, advisory for women
  • Upper Leg
    • Newton-Rated Fencing Breeches or
    • Newton-Rated Padded Trousers
  • Knee
    • Solid Knee Protection, including cover for the sides of the knee
  • Shins
    • Solid Shin Protection

Staff at the event will be making sure that the protective kit is sufficient to ensure that the practice is safe for all those involved. All kit listed must be in good working order and show no significant signs of wear and tear.

Attendees without the full kit may be asked to not engage with the heavier drills, however, full training and scenario play will be accessible to those not in full kit.

As usual, those without full kit are expected not to put themselves at risk with more assertive drilling then they can receive by virtue of their kit levels. Those training against those with lower kit levels are to act accordingly and respect their opponents.



Only synthetic weapons are permitted at this event. No steels are permitted during practice. This is to allow for a greater range of weapons to be brought to bear and for the testing of mixed weapons tactics to be studied in detail. Spears, polearms and great-weapons may be used but practitioners are remined to be careful with their strikes as these weapons carry increased risk of injury if improperly handled.


Kit Requirements – Archery

This will be a later addition to the event format, however, these rules are the provisional set, to be confirmed closer to practice.


The Bow can be of any make or design, up to a draw-weight of 30# @28”.

Bows will be checked and cleared for practice at the start of each event. Strings must be waxed sufficiently and kept in good condition. It is recommended for all practitioners to carry a spare string in their equipment packs.

Recommended bows are Longbows and Horsebows. Modern recurve bows are not recommended for this practice.


The arrows required for this practice are as follows;

Arrow shafts should be rounded inside the blunt and bound with strong fixing adhesive. The arrows will be overspinned to be more resistant to damage which they will inevitably take as a result of practice and use.

All archers will be required to wear a 350N Helmet with Overlay/Back-of-head protection while in the Scenario play. This is to provide protection against incoming arrows.

All other equipment is at the discretion of the attendee.

Arrow Checking

Checking of arrows will be a mandatory part of the practice. Arrows must be checked as they are put into the quiver and as they are about to be used. Archers must check for;

  • Cracks or Splinters along the shaft of the arrow
  • Splits or Damage to the Red-head Blunt
  • Damage to the Nock

All arrows found to be defective are to be put aside and not used in practice.

All archers will be trained to perform an arrow check and will be tested on this frequently. This is an important safety aspect and those found to be failing adhering to this procedure, will be banned from the event and pending further review, other disciplinary action.


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Moat House Leisure & Neighbourhood Centre, Winston Avenue Coventry, CV2 1EA


  • 12:00
  • 12:05
    Briefing of the Training
  • 12:15
    Training Section 1
  • 13:30
  • 13:45
    Training Section 2
  • 15:00
  • 15:15
    Scenario Games
  • 16:45
    Debrief and End
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